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How Christians Should Handle Their Finances

Discusing a topic on money is very uncomfortable to many people. Many people do not like the issue raised at all, they like to keep it confidential. Although Christians have been confused about whether it right to save money or not. Believers are trying to figure out on what the doctrine states about our finances. The word of God has many verses that talk about how people should use their money. In the book of proverbs Christians are supposed to owner God with their first product without fail. All these verses can still be applied in the modern day society read more here in this website.

One of the values that the Bible talks about is that Christians should be good stewards of their possession. The meaning of steward is a person that is given the responsibility of taking care of other peoples property. Therefore people should take care of their money as if it belongs to another person. Whenever people are given authority to manage another person’s possessions they take count of every to dine because they have to explain it to the owner. For this reason Christian believe that what they have is not theirs but Gods. The bible states in the book of Colossians that those who are faithful with their money will be rewarded for more information check this page here!.

The second thing that the Christians are warned about the loans they take. In Romans 13:8 Christians are told to be careful on the money they owe people. There is need to borrow the amount of money that we can afford to pay. It is wrong to borrow what we cannot pay, defaulting in paying our debts may lead to losing everything we have. The bible says that lenders should not expect to paid too. The reason is that Christians are supposed to give back to society. Timothy 6:10 states that that the love of money is the root course of all evil.

Christians are also told to use the money for a good reason. It is okay to borrow a loan to take care of essential things such as paying for school fees if at all your are a parent. Saving in order to wait for a new baby to come is also not wrong. Other needs is taking care of the needy in society. As long as one is not taking a loan to misuse the money.

There is a lot of things that people can say about the Bible. Christians should ensure they keep track of their money. Keeping truck of their money means ensuring they can explain what they did with their money. A true believer has a continuous that speaks to them whenever they spend their money wrongly. For these reason before doing anything with our finances it is right to ask ourselves whether it is right to do so.

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