FAQs About Tables For Massage Therapists

In Louisiana, massage therapists and students completing the programs need their own massage tables. A complete assessment of the tables helps the individual determine which product meets their needs effectively. Answering specific questions about the tables for massage therapists take the guesswork out of finalizing the purchase.

What Features are Most Important?

Weight capacity is one of the most important features to review, and it determines what clients the therapist can serve. The width and size of the table is the next factor and determines how well the clients fit on the products comfortably. The foam quality of the cushioning is equally as important for comfort. Next, the framing must provide adequate support, but it shouldn’t be too bulky and hard to carry.

Does a Higher Price Indicate That the Table is Better?

No, not necessarily. The less expensive tables are made of high-quality materials and are durable. However, the consumer must review the quality of the table to make a well-informed decision.

What is the Average Width for the Tables?

The standard products are about twenty-nine inches wide. However, specialty tables are available that are a little over thirty inches. A larger table is idyllic if the product remains in one space all the time. However, consumers who will need to carry it up and down stairs to get to clients may choose a smaller product.

Do You Determine Weight Capacity for the Tables?

The weigh of the table must be subtracted from the identified weight capacity. The average weight of the tables is about thirty pounds. According to the latest reports, the average weight capacity for the tables is 250 pounds. So in factor the actual weight capacity, the consumer would subtract 30 from 250, and the weight supported by the framing is really 220 pounds.

In Louisiana, massage therapists and students purchase the tables when learning the practice and offering the services on-site. The products come in a variety of sizes and designs. Online suppliers offer a vast inventory of tables that are easier to tote around. The products may also offer a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds. Consumers who need to purchase the tables contact a supplier right now.

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