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Nothing is more important to us than establishing a community of online slot enthusiasts which is why we have up a dedicated Slots Forum for our members. We are growing and we want to help make online slot play fun, safe, and lucrative for everyone. To do that, we need your help so please stop by and post in the Slots Forum so we can share jackpot wins, current online slot promotions, customer article source experiences, no deposit bonus findings, and just generally hang out and have a good time.

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I self excluded myself for around 2 weeks and didnt play, but it was so easy to open more online slots forum, using different click the following article Yesterday i rang a good friend who is also my boss and broke down to him My boss rang my partner they are best mates and explained what had happened, he told him to come home and talk with me.

I dont know if this is a good way forward, so i would appriciate any advice, im going to a GA meeting next week. If anyone has any advice for me it would be greatly appriciated. Hi can I address you as "my very Dear Strong lady" I wish to put a smile on your face!! You hid this desease thats what it is for so very very long and you have taken the bravest step anyone can do Online slots forum wish i could online slots forum you a "hug" also!!!

See for me I hid this bald club world casino reviews ich for years 12 it ate me up and kept on eating and I kept on letting it.

Today I can tell you I am a different me I think of the world through different eyes, thanks to this site, these friends and this programme. My Advice to you and believe me there is no shame in this: Go online slots forum a meeting and remember all them days without money and what you have realized When this "bug" grips you it takes you deeper and deeper Today I woke online slots forum and went to work I have a plan I have somethings that online slots forum make me smile and some things that make me sad but online slots forum for today" I click here not gamble I have a year free very soon and feeling very very good I have slipped in the best australian casino 5yrs but brief slips I call online slots forum "interviews with the devil" but today is the day learn more here counts Just for today I will not gamble So my very very brave lady I wish to say let your husband keep online slots forum and keep living one day at a time Do not take the finances back or think you have this desease beaten Online slots forum ask your Husband to install online slots forum on your laptop so you can view the beautifull things available on the worldwide web.

By the way Just for today you made me realize that I wish I had had the courage to change the things I could sooner. I tried but this desease is strong and it does stay inside You may not understand my last post God thankyou for online slots forum me the serenity to accept the things I couldnt change the courage to change the things I could and the wisdom to online slots forum the difference.

Feel free to join us on Live chat would love to hear from you. My family have been equally brilliant with me As it has done many times before Just for Today, I make sure I keep taking my recovery medicine which for me is the GA recovery programme Also they should explain all the help available in GA All the best in online slots forum Smartie.

I feel when i read that post that I had wrote itim waiting for my husband to come home he works during the week and at weekends for extra, to try and tell him ive blown the mortgage money on slot machines on a bingo site, i dont know what im going to say or what im going online slots forum do. We were short so i had a the great idea of winning it, every time i put click at this page i was feeling more and more guilty but I knew i was going to win and every thing was going to be ok I dont know what to do or where to go next, i just want to more info normal, every penny i can lay my hands on goes on bingo or slots.

Thank you so much Barriee and Smartie, your kind words mean so much!! I believe i go here never have it beaten, but i will just have it under control! Omg - its like reading my own story. I too am addicted to online slots - and like u i started by playing online bingo - spent a small online slots forum a month on that and then again like u - clicked on the slots - instant addiction.

Now Im spending about free las vegas slot a month on them - yes I do win online slots forum withdraw if I win over a certain amount - but it continue reading goes back in again. Iv maxed out my credit cards - i owe thousands on them. I have a large overdraft at the bank with a reserve - which i have now gone over.

Im terrified my bank will take away my overdraft because of this. Its my daughters birthday in a couple of days time and I cant afford to get her a present until next month - it was the same for my other daughter - her birthday was in September and I couldnt get her a present until February!

I keep thinking Ill play more slots and have a big win so I can buy them stuff to make up for it - of course it never happens. My partner isnt very supportive - he knows I gamble but not how much. When i say im trying to give up he just laughs at me. I havent gambled tonight - and Im very proud of myself. What makes it harder for me is that I have a second job - as an online more info host for a bingo site! So that doesnt help at all - especially when the players say they have won hundreds on the slots.

I want to give this online slots forum job up as I have no spare time at all which depresses me which i think is a key part to my addiction - but theres no way I can give it up while Im gambling - its like a vicious circle. Good luck to all u lovely people - i shall keep coming on here to see how u are all here on - we online slots forum beat this thing guys!!

I felt the same tigra So what where my options? If you are at that point I wish you the best Smartie. Im feeling very proud of myself - online slots forum great to wake up in the morning not thinking about how much I spent the night before and feeling sick over it.

Taking one day at a time - like we all do I guess. Im looking way ahead tho to when I can give up my second job and get my life back again - it keeps me going. Good luck guys xxxx. Hiya all, well its now 2 weeks online slots forum me since online slots forum last gambled!!

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