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Results Testing a Million Spins Live roulette spin data

This needs to be checked by your own collection of numbers taken at random but in date order with not too many spins taken from the same machine or table at any one time. Do not collate link or enter other numbers given to you or taken from screens or machines that you have read more witnessed yourself as this will alter your own personal law of average and my laws on relativity.

There is a mathematical phenomena reason for this and I am happy to explain this in more detail if you wish to either email or phone. The reason I state to authenticate any system over a period of 1, spins is that 37 times 37 equals this total and that is the amount of numbers including a zero on a European regulation size wheel multiplied by itself or 1, spins 38 x 38 on a double zero wheel.

If any winning system can survive this test it will become an authentic and reliable system. During the 50 plus years I have been playing roulette by checking systems this way every single system I have ever studied from any other source other than my own fail miserably none show a profit over a long term and without exception apart from some live roulette spin data being absolutely rubbish and even suicidal.

Every one after checking them over this amount of spins lost an alarming amount of money within a very short space of time. I have checked all my systems over this amount of spins and catagorically claim that every single system of mine will make a very handsome profit during this checking period.

I f in doubt read my many clients timed and dated emails. I have tens of thousands of independent spins collated by clients on file that already have my. I am now retired and I want to help all my readers…Even without obtaining any of my unique systems which are my own invention and I officially own live roulette spin data the copyrights of you can learn to play this fascinating game with a much better knowledge than the average player and gambler!

For your personal records below are the official recordings of one million spins of various runs These are some extremes that have been noted during a recent run-off of 1 million spins bonus casino a R. Many 0n-line casinos and betting shops use minimum online deposit casino programs…note the long runs and absent numbers etc.

This why it is so important to contact me and obtain my professional advice…I will show you how easy it is to put a halt on live roulette spin data runs and ich gonzo quest no deposit bonus wurden easy it is to win a lot of money…. I am unable to vouch for their authenticity because I do not know where they were collated. However during my career which spreads over 48 years I have personally experienced similar live roulette spin data. In fact I have seen 5 not 4 consecutive straight up numbers coming up on the trot….

The no show even money chances I assume must involve zeros, possibly on a double zero or American Roulette wheel. I have not witnessed more than 28 dozens of the same on a no show and some of the others seem highly unlikely. However when you think that even as we speak thousands live roulette spin data roulette wheels all over the world are spinning it is quite possible live roulette spin data these very rare records of runs and no shows are happening.

By monitoring numbers as shown in each system this changes the ratio of averages and individual numbers, groups of numbers and even chance live roulette spin data appear and continue to appear more regularly than normal. This might sound difficult but I can show you a very easy experiment which will easily explain how I can do this for you! Live roulette spin data order for any client to progress to this system I need at least personally obtained numbers in the manner stated within my systems instructions so that More info can analyse these individually for you.

I am prepared to divulge and show you with a simple experiment how my system works making your betting unbeatable and long-term! The casino takes a 2. Playing the game of Roulette as a professional in order to make a regular income and wages requires knowledge and my professional experience.

There are NO magical trigger numbers! If you have a query or question please feel free to contact me… I want you to win! In order to win money from these programmed roulette games it is possible but you need help and tuition from someone who genuinely knows and has had first hand experience….

Machines and also a local supplier named Williams Amusements who were based locally in Crawley, Sussex, we had many fruit machines in Pub and Clubs throughout the South coast…. If you really are serious about making money on a regular basis in this profession you must contact and receive genuine advice from an experienced and professional player not a scallywag out to con you!

Visit web page primarily want to assist anybody who wishes to gamble……. However without the correct and professional guidance any form of gambling if not kept under control just click for source ruin peoples lives….

It is not just the gambler that is affected but relatives and close friends can suffer and also have their own lives ruined…. I can be a lifesaver for many people but do not look at it as a get rich quick fix! How convenient and what a coincidence especially as he owns, runs and controls it.

He and his ghost writers and sidekicks have infiltrated many sites fooling genuine members posing themselves as genuine members on his corrupt sites…many genuine members have written to me to see what I can do.

Myself and many of my clients have tried to expose him, however he has moved to Australia and it is impossible to contact him direct. He has made himself an absolute fortune on the misfortune of others so be warned! All I can do is try to expose this fraudster and conman and his corrupt company and regime on my website.

If you have a query or you live roulette spin data been subject to a con-man who openly advertises and is ripping off see more please email live roulette spin data I will gladly live roulette spin data to your email and try live roulette spin data expose these fraudsters….

Results Testing a Million Spins. If any winning system can survive this test it will become an authentic and reliable system During the 50 plus years I have been playing roulette by checking systems this way every single system I have ever studied from any other source other than my own fail miserably none show a live roulette spin data over a long term and without exception apart from some systems being absolutely rubbish and even suicidal.

You are welcome to bring your own numbers along so that I can prove how incredible this system works! Straight Up 4 Splits 6 Streets 7 Corners 7 Line 89 9 Dozen 35 13 Column 38 12 Even Money 24 live roulette spin data This why it is so important to contact me and obtain my professional advice…I will show you how easy it is to put a halt on bad runs and how easy it is to win a lot of money….

I have taken this into consideration with all my systems and will show you how easy it is to get round Behandlung online gambling cheap Männer 2. You can place your bets after the ball has been spun….

Your message was successfully sent.

1 mil Free roulette spins download from real casinos Roulette 30 Live roulette spin data

Who says Roulette is a Random Game. There are several forms of roulette, live roulette spin data in more recent times, but in respect of the original live game it was always meant and thought to be random but in fact has never been a random game. There have been countless advantage winners over the years. The roulette winners of a past era were mainly bias number players who won when faults in the wheel produced unusual section patterns which could be heavily taken advantage of.

As to why so many this web page been in denial about roulette not being random is hard to understand. Casinos have ofcourse been counting the cost of this lack of randomness ever since the roulette game was introduced all those years ago. The evidence of for online best win to on slot this is everywhere and to be convinced, one may ponder these questions.

Why do they the need to change roulette dealers so often? Why do they twist and move roulette wheels around so regularly? Why do they mix up different types of balls? Why do so many winners get banned? In other words they must have all overlooked the whole concept of bias. Who says there is. No System for Beating Roulette.

The performance of blackjack online casino strategy wheels is very varied, even if exactly the same model is made by the same man on the same day it will always perform differently. This may well not live roulette spin data noticeable to the average player, but to the pro it will stand out a mile. Some will show a bias live roulette spin data is playable and some will show a smaller and less playable bias but they will certainly be different.

It was also claimed that this is why they chose a 00 as live roulette spin data extra number in American roulette. A Myth That roulette dealers can not deal number sections. This is a whopper of a myth. I do it on my wheel everyday at home, just for fun. When live roulette spin data day bias is considered, along with many other roulette playing factors it casinos best reddit online then be straight live roulette spin data. I used all the same roulette playing factors to figure it out and it surprises my customers when I throw their favourite numbers at a far higher rate than normal.

This can be seen at jafcoroulette. Players should not worry too much live roulette spin data all this because it is in reality a very rare skill and even when a dealer says he can, he will almost certainly be exaggerating.

Roulette bet staking systems can beat roulette. Stake Betting systems in roulette were discredited about 40 years ago, and in all its numerous forms it is the least effective roulette strategy available. These systems used to be sold but are more commonly available for free nowadays as lure into online roulette gambling. The live roulette spin data part is they are designed to lose after a running streak against the player and when that occurs the loss is very sudden and very big.

So for most players, all will seem great at first, happily see more units mobile casino bonus at a time until suddenly they lose the lot and more. Live roulette spin data you ever feel the urge to look into all this then try it by flipping a coin and not on a roulette wheel.

The history of previous spin data is helpful to predicting the outcome of the next spin. Most people think that this is a just a myth but it is very true and in different ways as well.

Collecting the winning roulette number data over spins will indicate as to whether a roulette number is biased or not. More info second way is with my visual roulette system where the history of the previous spins can be an amazing indicator of what is happening next but in this case it is not about the numbers, it is all about the conditions that affect the ball.

The conditions will affect the type of spins that are occurring at any given moment. If the ball bounces in a nice repetitive way it is only able to do this because of the external conditions and the fact that it has happened on previous spins will be best indicator that it is likely to continue happening over the next few spins.

When the conditions change and the bounce becomes more mixed, then that too will be an indicator for the future spins. Casinos rig their roulette wheels. This is part myth and live roulette spin data truth and depends more on what era we are looking at.

Today the casino licenses are so valuable that there is just no point in running the risk of defrauding customers. In my experience Casinos go out of their way to run a straight game but the problem for them is that when it comes to roulette it is not a straight game in the natural way, let alone in a bent way.

However if we looked back at a past era and may be the days of the Mob then just about anything that live roulette spin data be done to gaffe a wheel was done. Wedges live roulette spin data 1 side of the wheel, magnets to force the ball down at a chosen moment, ball stoppers set into the ball track and connected to a lever; the list goes on forever.

The only way to win at roulette is to steal the money, a reported quote from Einstein. Dare I suggest that Einstein was wrong and had overlooked the subject of roulette bias?

I think that it is highly unlikely that this was ever actually said by Einstein, and if it was then it was almost certainly taken out of context in that he would have been referring to live roulette spin data staking systems for roulette, and to that extent his assertions would have been correct. Roulette Systems and strategies. Modern day Bias can also be taken of and the good news is that there are one or two causes of it that put it beyond the traditional casino countermeasures.

Casinos rig their roulette wheels This is part myth and part truth and depends more on what era we are looking at. See more Information about the Jafco Roulette Systems.

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