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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. TechEnclave - Indian Technology Community. This phone is aimed at the lower range of dual sim mobiles. GSM is aimed at the Mid end segment with a price tag of 14, Rs. Let us now look at what is in the Box.

Unboxing and Contents Reconnect GSM which i shall now further refer to as comes in a Neat and compact 80 x x 70 mm box. The box is sealed to avoid tampering of free slot games 4301 6500 contents of the box. The box displays the specifications of the phone, a bar code and a MRP sticker.

The MRP of this phone as on the box is 14, Inclusive of all taxes. Opening the box, the phone greets you with its sleek looks and neat and free slot games 4301 6500 lines. The accessories appear to be of good quality. Form factor and Technical specifications The boasts of 4.

The Phone measures x 68 x 9. The lower front of phone has 4 capacitive touch buttons which are options, home, search and back buttons. The top free slot games 4301 6500 houses the ear piece and just adjacent to the ear piece is a 1.

The top panel of phone as a 3. The left panel a volume rocker and a mini USB mobile poker. The buttons have a chrome finish while the whole body has a brushed steel look.

On the back there is a 5 Megapixel camera, a LED flash and a large but slim speaker grill. As the Micro SD card is click to see more below the back cover, every time the card needs to be swapped, the cover has to be opened, free slot games 4301 6500 the card not truly hot swappable. Detailed technical specifications are as under: Startup is speedy and the phone free slot games 4301 6500 quick to reach the home screen.

The Lock screen shows the time, date and day, number of missed calls and number of unread messages. The Lock has to be dragged to the bottom of the screen in order to unlock it. There are no other options for changing mode of the phone from Vibrate to Ringer which is generally found on android phones. Besides the normal android applications, comes with some preinstalled applications which are 1.

One touch share 7. OI shopping List 9. The Dialer is plain jane but easy to key in numbers due to the big buttons and huge screen. The Dialer sports the usual android tabs of contacts, call log, favorites and groups. The stock dialer however does not search based on permutations and combinations of name and numbers. Ex Dialer from Play store quickly resolved this issue.

Messaging supports threaded view and typing is very easy thanks to the bundled touchpal keyboard. The touch is accurate and responsive messaging is a breeze on the 4. The music player has the ability to the sort the songs according the Artist, Albums, song titles and Playlist. Free slot games 4301 6500 options include Play, pause, Previous, Next, shuffle and single repeat, album repeat and repeat all free slot games 4301 6500. Songs can be changed by swiping to left or right free slot games 4301 6500 the screen.

The Player does not have a Landscape view which is very strange. The album art is shown nice and big with the song progress being a blue line on the edge of the CD. The music player lacks equalizer settings. The Audio quality with the bundled earphones is clear but not loud enough especially in noisy ambiance.

The music is bassy in nature and lacks treble. The music is loud and crisp. The stations can be set by a cool analog dialer animation on the screen. The app is capable of auto searching and storing upto 8 Radio stations. Volume through the speaker and headphones is loud, crisp and clear. I have downloaded MX Player from the play store and HD movies at P are handled just fine with smooth playback for all codec types. Full HD is however choppy.

The phone features a 5 megapixel snapper with geo tagging. The camera has 4X digital zoom however there is no zoom via the volume rocker. The options available while the camera app are 1. Auto focus mode - On, off 2. Picture size - 5M, 3M, 2M, 1M 5. Picture quality - Super fine, Fine, Normal 6. Color continue reading - None, Sepia, Greyscale and Negative 7.

ISO - Auto,8. Skin tone enhancement - On, off 9. Selectable Zone focus - Auto, spot metering, Centre Weighted and frame average Touch AEC - On, off Anti banding - Off, 50 Hz, 60 Hz, Auto Remaining shots - On, off White balance - Auto, Daylight, Incandescent, Fluorescent slot con bonus di benvenuto senza deposito cloudy. Flash mode - Auto, On, Off Front and back During video mode, the options are 1.

Continuous auto free slot games 4301 6500 - On, off 2. Color effect - None, Mono, sepia, Negative 3. White balance - Auto, Daylight, Incandescent, Fluorescent and cloudy 5. Front and back 200 bonus casino camera churns out decent stills with occasional hints of a reddish hue in the middle of the photograph.

What are online casino is observed at certain angles and indoors only. The photograph quality in the open and daylight is good. Noise is visible when shooting indoors and in low light conditions.

Overall the quality of stills can only be rated as mediocre. One more interesting limitation is that the camera sound when capturing stills cannot be turned off. Video recording however is very good.

Auto focus works very well and the video fps remains at 30 continuously. However the video is stored in 3gp format only. I suspect the video quality would have been better if video could have been stored in mp4 format.

Nothing to complain about though. The audio quality during video recording is clear free slot games 4301 6500 crisp. Browser The phone has a standard android browser. Pages are loaded quickly and without any problems. Scrolling through the web page is buttery smooth thanks to the 1.

Zooming in and free slot games 4301 6500 also renders the text and images very quickly. Games like temple run, angry birds run absolutely smooth. There is a hint of Lag when the in game ads pop up. But i guess its not due the lack of fire power of the phone. Call Quality Voice during call is clear and crisp during calls. There were no dropped calls or crackling that i have encountered with Airtel Netowrk. However the maximum sound level could have been a tad higher.

The phone lasts happily till the end of the day with 2 hours of call, light browsing, a little bit of gaming and continuous sync. Ones installed, it can be used to sync the phone with the computer, adding, deleting click at this page, contacts, messages, ringtones etc. The program is pretty basic but does the job.

Conclusion Reliance and Alcatel have succeeded in giving us a all round feature rich phone at a reasonable price. What i like about the Phone: HD video playback 6. No dedicated camera button 2.

No zoom with volume rocker 3.

LG 42LF 42 inch Full HD 3D LED TV Price In India & Full Specs Free slot games 4301 6500

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